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Modest budget marketing plan

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Hi there, I almost finished my game (for Android) but as it’s known every product needs some marketing magic. I’ve wrote my marketing plan but I’m here to ask you, fellow developers about your advice, opinions. This going to be my first own-published product so I’m new in this matter.
My plan includes: 

  1. Pay someone how can write ASO content for Google Play
  2. Make some good promotion screenshots and video
  3. Buy some reviews on App2Top
  4. Adverts in Waypedia
  5. Facebook application promotion
  6. Facebook fanpage
  7. Website – landing page for a product

My budget is modest (about $250) but it’s still about 45% of project’s budget. Mainly I invested my free-time. Is it good enough or can you give me some advice what else can I do? I don't have any contacts to journalists engaged in games.



Pawel Marecki

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I would say that it depends on the game type,try and focus on your target audience.
Maybe you can also try other social media except facebook.
If it's not a consumer game and you think that gamers may be into it try to get into the community(be active in forums,make people recognize your name).

- Marketing with 0$ budget (great talk I highly recommend)
- This one is a bit off topic but it has some good practices for marketing so you should watch it

Hope that it's going to be helpful wish you the best :)

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Hey Malkiqt, thank you for your advice. I've already knew first movie, a bit old but gold :) Second one can truly open eyes and its very motivating.

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