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Peter Bon

Retro console programmer (for real hardware) seeking pixel/music artist

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Hi all.




Industry veteran from the demoscene / games industry, but nowadays i write boring software during daytime, so by night i code retro games, for real retro consoles. (yes i have a family and a full time job, but it's a matter of taking time, not waiting till it magically appears)


I tried making both tripple A titles, mmo games, and casual mobile games, but none of it satisfied my desire to put passion, soul and fun into the games, like in the good old days. There is nothing i hate more than analytics, user acquisition, DLCs, in-app purchases and all that crap. It sucks the soul out of me actually! :P




You do either pixel art or music, and enjoy having no business requirements, no stress and messing around with a hobby project just for the love of games, and would love to have someone to share that passion with.


The project


Right now i am working on a Breakout clone for Gameboy Advance. The game is pretty far, but could really use a helping hand both in the graphics and music department, as i do everything myself right now. (You are more than welcome to remake everything with your own creative vision and style.)


I hope to find someone who enjoys making small games with soul, just like in the old days, and just for the love of it, and with whom i can share the fun.


I plan to make the game available on a limited run real physical cartridge, with box and everything. (yes, i have everything planned and the skills for it)


If you absolutely hate the game after seeing it, maybe we could start a new one from scratch together, once i am done with this one. But i warn you, coding takes time, and this one is pretty far already, so it would be much easier for you as an artist to join me now and seeing your graphics in action from day 1 :)


Quick facts: 


- Very basic story setting: Mooncat has fallen down from the moon, lead him and his two friends through 5 worlds to get back home.

- 5 Different themed worlds

- 3 Selectable heroes, each with unique skill

- Animated enemies

- Powerups (large, small, multiball, fireball, shots)


If we share the same passion for oldschool games, and you have always wanted to do a Gameboy, NES, Mastersystem or whatever game, let me hear from you :)


Digitally yours,




breakout-0.png breakout-1.png breakout-2.png breakout-3.png  breakout-4.png

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