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Assimp inconsistent triangulated data near joints

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I have a semi-working assimp implementation for ANIMATION after I've rigged and bound. By semi-working I mean that in order to get FBX to work correctly in Maya under Skin->Bind->DropoffRate I have to put 50 - 100 otherwise the WHOLE mesh rotates. No scaling or setting of scale on the FBX solves this. Thus, I cant use dropOffRates that are reasonable and I always get a hard rotate. Not only that but I get weird triangulated data such as normals and UVs near joints. However, following OGLdev article 38 it animates correctly. Does anyone have any idea on what I could be doing wrong? Attached is my import code and pic of the problem.







void Object::VBOup_assimp_anim(uint meshIdx, aiMesh *myMesh, aiNode *myNode)
auto obj = make_shared<Object>(myAbj);
obj->type = "OBJ";
cout << "obj->name->val_s = " << obj->name->val_s << endl;
obj->assimpSceneParent = myAbj.myAssimpSceneName;

cout << "name / obj->assimpSceneParent = " << myNode->mName.data << " / " << obj->assimpSceneParent << endl;
cout << "name / num verts = " << myNode->mName.data << " ... " << myMesh->mNumVertices << endl;

for (unsigned int i = 0; i < myMesh->mNumVertices; ++i)
glm::vec2 vector2;
glm::vec3 vector;

vector.x = myMesh->mVertices[i].x;
vector.y = myMesh->mVertices[i].y;
vector.z = myMesh->mVertices[i].z;

vector.x = myMesh->mNormals[i].x;
vector.y = myMesh->mNormals[i].y;
vector.z = myMesh->mNormals[i].z;

if (myMesh->mTextureCoords[0])
vector2.x = myMesh->mTextureCoords[0][i].x;
vector2.y = myMesh->mTextureCoords[0][i].y;

vector2 = glm::vec2(0.f);


vector.x = myMesh->mTangents[i].x;
vector.y = myMesh->mTangents[i].y;
vector.z = myMesh->mTangents[i].z;

for (unsigned int i = 0; i < myMesh->mNumFaces; ++i)
aiFace myFace = myMesh->mFaces[i];

for (unsigned int j = 0; j < myFace.mNumIndices; ++j)


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