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Cartesian Product of Polytopes

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Suppose I have a general n-polytope, whose faces are a list of (n-1)-polytopes. For example:
A 1-dimensional 1-simplex (line segment) would be represented as two 1-dimensional 0-simplexes (points):

A 2-dimensional 2-simplex (triangle) would be represented as three 2-dimensional 1-simplexes (line segments):


And so on...

I would like to compute the Cartesian product of two arbitrary polytopes. I came up with the following algorithm, and I am wondering whether it is correct:
def product(xs, ys):
    if isinstance(xs, list) and isinstance(ys, list):
        return [product(xs, y) for y in ys] + [product(x, ys) for x in xs]
    elif isinstance(ys, list):
        return [product(xs, y) for y in ys]
    elif isinstance(xs, list):
        return [product(x, ys) for x in xs]
        return xs + ys

You can make things a bit nicer by wrapping things in a class:
class Polytope(object):
    def __init__(self, data):
        self.data = data
    def __mul__(self, other):
        return Polytope(product(self.data, other.data))
    def __str__(self):
        import pprint
        return pprint.pformat(self.data)

With this, you can do things like:
cube = Polytope([(0,),(1,)])

print("1-cube:", cube, sep="\n")
print("2-cube:", cube*cube, sep="\n")
print("3-cube:", cube*cube*cube, sep="\n")

The results seem correct, but I still need to convince myself that it works in all cases. Since I couldn't find much material online, I was curious if anybody has done this kind of thing or knows any further resources. Edited by kloffy

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