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How to Make D3D Easy?

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I go to high school in South Korea.

Every year there is a game develop contest held in our school,and i go to the competition.

So I am going to learn D3D,(Directx9 2D already studied!)


Here is the convention rule!

1. Not available on the Internet.

2. DirectX SDK Samples(June 2010) are available

3. Unable to use plug-in or Game Engine(like Unreal, Unity)


As above, I have to follow these rules and i need to memorize basic sources.

So I'm going to learn D3D.

I tried to find D3D on the internet, it's so hard and complicated.

so i can't memorize the sources.

Then I must refer to DirectX SDK Samples(June 2010).

But I can't find a sample that fits me!

I want to open file(.obj) easily from DirectX to 3D.




ps. If you don't know what i mean, let me know(This is using a translator) :)

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As previously stated, graphics programming is hard and there's no way around that. However there are some excellent resources out there to help you learn.


Have a look at the RasterTek tutorials, I found them invaluable when learning all about Direct3D.

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Its completely fine if you use something like https://github.com/bkaradzic/bgfx instead of learning all the low level bits of D3D/GL/Vulkan++ 12 Metallic Edition. Just do it if you enjoy it (or if there is good money on the table).



EDIT: Dont use bgfx, you'll be banned from the competition.

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