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HTC Vive

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I'm wondering how to use one of the current available VR tools like HTC Vive in own applications. Unfortunately the websites and explanations are not really clear for me. I always found stuff for Unity, Unreal and Steam but is there no simple SDK for to use in own applications? I've done several business realtime 3D applications where I would like to integrate a VR Support. Is there someone could help or already haves expirience with thoose tools?




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Explanation to do VR ? This is pretty basic if you are fluent in 3D applications, i can resume it like that :


1. Init the hardware, either vive or rift with their own library

2. Create a swap chain for the HMD ( equivalent to a IDXGISwapChain )

3. Query the HMD field of view and eye offset. This is to create the offcenter perspective projection matrix plus shift the camera view.

4. Query the HMD orientation and position and append the transformation to your view.

5. Render both eyes

6. goto 4; but goto c'est le mal :)


 You are done :)

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This seems to work anywhere?



Specifically, work your way through:


Yes, it's OpenGL but the VR portion of the code is very nearly identical. Unfortunately OpenVR doesn't come with actual documentation so you pretty much have to hack your way through the samples to get anywhere. You can skip over the "render model" stuff to start with, as this is for showing the controllers and trackers in the VR environment. Make sure to do all the event processing and pose acquisition though. 


In fact I'll do one better - here's my OpenVR support code. It's not standalone but it is simpler to work through than the sample code.


You'll have to sub in your own code where things call out to my engine, but it's minimal rote stuff for creating render targets and the like.

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