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Dont know where to start

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Hi guys, I´m a complete noob in programming and game design, but I have some experience with game modding. I started this thread because, for some reason, over the years something started to burn inside of me towards this end and I just can´t avoid, but as much as I read, the more lost I get. I would like to ask for advice here, specifically, advice on where to start in the very basics of it, based on the my objective described below.


Objective: I want to create a realistic modern submarine simulation using open source code of underwater acoustics; test it and evaluate its potentials and then, if possible, turn it into a game.


The Open Source code in question is called: Under Sea Modeling Library (USML) and its written in C++

This particular code was specifically written to allow military operators to reduce the requirements of hardware, by taking a new approach to simulating underwater acoustics, in a more processing efficient way.




1- My first problem is that I don´t know how to test this code to evaluate its performance in real time. I think that I need to implement it in a game engine that supports c++ and test it there, but this is easier said than done.


a) What I would like to do is to create a 3d world with this code implemented;

b) create a 3rd world

c) create both emitter and receiver characters with their own properties

d) print the results to screen in such a way that its possible to debug both the simulation results and the software performance.


I have no idea where to start in technical point of view and I would like ask for advice: on learning materials, on what game engine to use and how to approach this problem.


Thank you in advance









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Well you've got a long road ahead, but sounds like a cool project.


A good place to start is Accelerated C++ which is an excellent introduction to the language. If you find it easier to learn from video resources, have a look at this tutorial series. You're going to need to understand the language before you can effectively evaluate one of its libraries.


As far as game engines go Unreal or Unity are both excellent options, and you'll probably want to look at FMod or Wwise for audio.

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but as much as I read, the more lost I get.

I've had that problem with learning new pro audio interfaces and various programs all my life, sometimes the best thing to do is take a college course or try to learn from an actual person who can explain things in person. Books can be helpful but if they're not working for you it might be best to explore your other options. I tried for months to learn photoshop but never developed skills until I signed up for the graphics program at a tech school. Stay persistent and focused, keep improvising and you'll reach the goal.

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