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Reentrant flag passing

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Confining this to GNU C/C++ 5.4.0 for simplicity, I don't have access to llvm/clang or intel or msvc, not too sure it matters.


So I was given to believe that including pthreads (using cmake I'm linking via "set ( PROJECT_LINK_LIBS pthread )" in with a very simple test example, testing some thoughts on C++11 threads) defined the _REENTRANT macro after reading this and that on net. So, since seeing is believing I just spun up a simple test case:

	cout << "-------------------> reentrant " << endl;

in a POCO constructor, and added it to the code. To my jaded surprise the line didn't get printed out. As soon as I actually passed -D_REENTRANT to the compiler invocation it of course got printed. Anyone got the skinny on this behavior with 5.4.0? Did I "do it wrong"? Am I reading the spec (or, actually, the gcc list of expected behaviors) incorrectly?

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My guess is that it's just an issue with your CMake configuration. Depending on your version of CMake, there are several idiomatic ways to link against pthreads. See cmake and libpthread.

Yep. Since CMake 2.8.12 we need to add


and done.

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