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BMFont v1.14 beta

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That should be font's issue. Glyph's outlines goes beyond font's reported ascent/descent metrics.

Here's how it's seen in fontforge:




Note that font's descent is 240, while curves is actually reaching 274.

That's why those letters was truncated.


I can't really say if it should be allowed or not. But there's microsoft recommendations for opentype fonts: https://www.microsoft.com/typography/otspec/recom.htm




Pixels above the ascent or below the descent will be clipped from the character; this is true for all output devices.


 So, it seems it's common practice to clip those.

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vstrakh is correct. The problem here is with the combination of the truetype font and Microsoft's font engine. 


However, I have implemented a work around for it in BMFont already. Try using the option 'Render from TrueType outline'. With that option the application extracts the outline from the font and manually rasterizes it, thus is capable of rendering the full glyph without cropping. The drawback is that the manual rasterization doesn't take advantage of the ClearType technology to get perfectly crisp bitmap font. However, with the size that you're using you'll most likely not notice any difference anyway.

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