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Phil Godin

Commercial Game Development Opportunity

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Hello to all,


I'm interested in putting together a small team to develop a commercial game. 


I have a working prototype for a game engine I coded, which is suited for the development of games like :

- King's Quest: 



- Uninvited: 




- Might and Magic V World of Xeen:





Please note that graphically speaking, these are all dated examples. The takeaway here is the general gameplay and mechanics involved.


Currently, i'm looking for a second programmer to help out code wise. The game engine is fully functional, at least in terms of what has already been implemented, but that said, i'm in the process of building the GUI and this is where I will need some help. The current prototype runs in python 3, and the GUI is being developed using the pygame graphics library. Please note that these choices were only intended for prototyping purposes, I plan to translate to java and use libGDX for official development. As such, I'm looking for someone who is fluent in java (more so than I). Additionally knowledge of libgdx would be a definite plus.


For art, the team will obviously require a concept artist in order to create and conceptualize the various assets needed for the project. Familiarity with blender would be a plus. Also, i'll admit off the bat that I have little to no experience working with artist, so anyone applying will need to be comfortable with improvising, explaining to non-artists what he is doing and sometimes working from little more than text descriptions of he is asked to conceptualize.


Finally,  you won't be applying for a paid position, though should this project get that far, I'm offering a fair take (percentage) on any potential sales made.


In any case, that is all, feel free to message me or reply here if you are interested.


Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

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