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Programmer to join a team for a Megaman X-esque project and More

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Hello fellow gamers!


We at Synergist Gaming, a collective of designers, artists, and composers, are looking for a hobbyist Programmer to be a part of our team to help create our upcoming title. But first, here is quick explanation about our purpose at Synergist Gaming.


Humans are innovators who come together around art and beauty. Within individuals, ideas can take seed and sprout into shoots of almost unlimited potential. When these individuals come together, those ideas can flower into unexpected masterpieces of creativity. Synergist Gaming is a collection of individuals who are working, together, to realize their dream of creating video games which express these blooming ideas while inspiring others to pursue their own interpretations of art. Synergist Gaming. Making greatness - together.


Project details:


The game is a 2-D sidescroller shooter and action platformer in the style of Metroid and Mega Man X. Tentatively named Soul Keeper, the story follows a bounty hunter on a mission to avenge the death of his family by eradicating the dark, infectious enmity of Chaos Incarnate from the universe. His travels through several unique worlds challenge his skills and develop his abilities, further strengthening his resolve to find and silence the touches of Chaos that have infected those worlds.




Continue production on our current code.  The programmer will be creating the primary structure and playable sections of Soul Keeper in Unity. This will include sprite movement; action and interaction; menus; transitions and other tasks. We are looking for people in for the fun of the game, as we are looking to make greatness, not a quick sell.


Some further position responsibilities:

·         Level creation, playable character control and enemy behavior

·         Entity interaction, cutscene performance, menu development

·         Working with other departments to ensure seamless integration of assets


Other position requirements:

·         Experience with programming for games; programming for other mediums is desired

·         2 years minimum programming studies and application of skills

·         A positive attitude with a willingness to work as a team


If you have any personal experience playing games of this type and/or particularly enjoy the genre, we would count that as a bonus!


The time schedule for a Windows demo release of Soul Keeper is tentative due to setbacks. We are looking to have the completed demo on Kickstarter and Steam before the summer of 2017 (ideally by April 2017). After a successful Kickstarter, payment and job tasks may be altered to meet final deadline of mid-2018, with an aim towards better compensation of the programmer.


If you are interested in working with us as one of our Programmers, please have your portfolio available (if applicable) with a brief statement of your interest and background. Resumes are also accepted. We hope you contact us to see if you'll be a fit for our game - one which hopefully you can be a welcome part of!


All questions and inquiries about this position can be directed to:


Thank you, ladies and gents. We hope to hear from you soon!


Synergist Gaming. Making greatness, together


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