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Trying to make new indie game studio, sort of.

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[FOR MODERATORS: I'm not sure if my previous thread was ignored, or did I send it, or did I break any rules, so I sent this thread again.]


Hello, my name is Mark(Most people on WWW call me by my Internet name - Tyhender. I stick with that name so much that even real people call me like that). I'm a C++ programmer, I don't have much of portfolio, but well, I did some ... stuff. I have experience with C++/OpenGL/SDL/GLFW/GLES/freeGLUT. I tried to make my own game engine, but I faile due to overall engine complexity and lack of time.


I'm searching for people who ave similar dreams to mine. I want to make an engine, and possibly start a game development company/group or whatever it is called. I became so obsessed with that idea that I started to make concept art. But 'cos I'm bad artist and lazy-ass, the best one sucks:




If you are interested, just write under this thread. I'll reply.


Oh,and I'll try to contribute to GameDev's community to prove I'm worth.

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Hi Tyhender !


I am also a c++ programmer and I am looking for a team to participate in the One Game A Month challenge. I have my own post for this here: https://www.gamedev.net/topic/685764-gathering-a-team-to-build-one-game-a-month-for-experience/#entry5329311


I think we can work together to build many games. These games can be the starting point of the company you dream of. As for me, I just want to build awesome games and I don't mind if its with a company or not. I even have a few ideas for new games.



Hi ! im a sound engineer and musician, I have experience making sound design and music for media, also I know how to use Fmod with unity and Unreal , here is some of my work as sound designer and musician .









3D Sound environment 



Sound design 





 I saw your reply on my thread ProMiriel, I think you should also join our team as we will need some music.


Both of you, if interested can email me: mailforgautamvg@gmail.com

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Artists tend to be the hardest to find on this site.


I guess drawing for a game does not sound as cool as programming a game.

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