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Vulkan Vulkan / D3D12 multithreaded Rendering Architecture

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So I wanted to see if anyone had any resources on rendering architectures for Vulkan and D3D12... My current rendering architecture had visibility and drawcall logic performed on the same thread, I used "proxy" objects that held rendering information such as the transform and the mesh. When a mesh component changed it's transform or mesh, it would send a command to the render thread to update it's proxy's data. I'm trying to move a way from a single rendering thread architecture for visibility and drawcall logic, but am still trying to keep backwards compatibility and scalability, from 1 core to X cores.

As of right now i'm thinking about changing my logic towards an implementation as such :

- Run Game Logic , any updates to render resources / transforms will be saved into a global queue ( done on the Game Thread , and worker threads when possible)

- Sync all data in the global queue ( done on the Game Thread)

- Perform Visibility Detection ( done across all threads)

- Send a task for the rest of the rendering pipeline to a worker thread (this is done so that the Game Thread isn't blocked after visibility)

- Generate Command Lists (done in parallel )

- Submit Command Lists for submission to a single "GFXThread" that will actually call the API if on D3D11/OGL or Execute on Vulkan/D3D12

... Is this approach viable ? and do other's have any approaches that work well for these new api's ? I know UE4 uses a rendering thread for Visibility/DrawCall-Logic/and render command submission.. but that doesn't scale well for the newer APIs.... thanks.



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