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Company Logo & Copyright?

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Hi all, 


I really apologise if this is not the right place for this sort of question. I have now got some designs back from a graphic designer and I need a hand in choosing which one to go for. My studio is called InstCoffee, we develop and publish games.


For branding, the logo will be used for print and embroidery but I will probably just use the actual coffee cup for this without the back board. I have attached the different logo's to this post, if you could give me your thoughts on which one you would choose, that would be great.


Also, with the logo that has the pixeled alien on it, would there be any copyright issues with the makers of Space Invaders as it has a fairly similar look? 




Thanks in advance,

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Moved from Production to Business & Law, since that's the better fit for the biggest batch of your questions.


> got some designs back from a graphic designer...


I hope you got all your rights assignments taken care of, an employment agreement, or negotiated a proper license to use them.  Without an agreement the graphic designer retains all rights to the design.


It may seem like a non-issue now, but if you become successful and someone wants to invest or buy you out, that little scrap of paper showing you have the rights to your logo becomes important.

> thoughts on which one you would choose.


I prefer the first, but people on this site are probably not representative of you 


> Pixeled alien on it, would there be any copyright issues with the makers of ...


Probably not copyright, but you will absolutely face trademark issues.


A quick search shows the various little icons are covered under multiple active trademarks. Check out these:  A, B, C, D, E, and more that I won't bother to link to.


Another few moments on Google shows nobody uses them except with a little statement saying they are property of Taito, which is currently owned by Square Enix.  


License the alien image or don't use it.

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