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Emitter: releasing my Global Game Jam entry

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This year we, for the second time, organized Global Game Jam in Ukraine. The theme was really cool – "WAVES". I particularly liked that it allowed multiple creative interpretations.

During the jam I was busy with organizational questions, but at night between Saturday and Sunday I managed to cut several hours from my sleep and made my own prototype.

So, the idea is such: imagine a water sufrace. When you drop a pebble into it, the waves start spreading from the centre. Now let's look at this process from the opposite side: where should you drop the pebble to create the waves of particular shape? Taking into account that the waves reflect from the walls of the basin, this can be a very interesting question.

Here's how the gameplay looks like (gif)
During the post-jam week I completed the game and now I'm ready for release.
Among the new features there are:

  • various waves shapes (triangle, square, etc)
  • sounds of real ocean waves which accompany your play
  • cellular grid to help you aim better
  • scoring system
  • storage of player's score history

You are welcome to check the game and share your suggestions. It can be downloaded from PlayMarket
Tools used:

  • Flash Develop - IDE
  • Starling - graphics engine
  • Enhance - quick ads and analytis integration (it took me 3 minutes to integrate the banner, interlevel ads and retention measuring)
  • Physics engine is of my own :)

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Looks very cool!

Think you should make this into a Developer's Journal Entry and get some feedback on it.

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Thank you!

Actually, I have a Developer's journal, but it's about the development of my own Civlike strategy. As Jam ended, I'm returning to that project and making it my No1 priority.

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