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VULKAN gives the developer the possibility/responsibility to use synchronization primitivies.

Core questions
  • Is it right, that OpenGL is really totally hiding synchronization in the driver? If not, can someone give examples, where you also can use synchronization with OpenGL.
  • Is Synchronization just an annoying sideeffect of VULKAN's new driver architecture and API? If not, where does it really shine?
  • Are there common scenarios, where to use VULKAN's Synchronization primitives (Boilerplate code) and are there exotic scenarios, where one can really push the limits of his GPU?
  • Are there best practices like e.g. the reuse and grouping of Synchronization primitives? Are there common pitfalls when using synchronization?

Synchronization is really one of the worst documented features in the VULKAN specification and I would be glad, if you could shed some light onto this and provide code snippets, that support the understanding of concepts.

Since VULKAN is also relatively new, I would support and moderate this thread with the intention and hope, that it may become an structured overview/discussion providing answers to the above questions. I would appreciate it, if the overview prepares community knowledge, that goes beyond the current VULKAN synchronization tutorials.

Example Semaphores

When to use?

Typically for inter-queue synchronization.

Common application(s)

Synchronization of rendering and presentation engine/queues.

Best practives

Since there are bugs deleting semaphores and the creation of synchronization is often using a lot of ressources, I suggest to create as many semaphores as needed in the whole application and reuse them.


Create as many pairs of render/present semaphores as we have images in the swapchain.


Synchronization via Timeouts.

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