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Vulkan Support on Fermi

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Somewhere around September 2016 I worked with Vulkan on my NVIDIA GTX 570.


I somehow got it working, the problem was with vkEnumeratePhysicalDevices returning null.


Now I'm trying to continue my work and I run into the same problem. I've updated my drivers and double-checked everything. 

Today I've read that Fermi is not supported by Vulkan. But I 100% had it working a couple months ago. I'm lost.


What's changed since then is,

- I've moved to Visual Studio 2015 from 2013 and

- probably (not sure here) to Win10 from Win7. 


Does anyone have a clue how I could have done this before? Thanks.

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IIRC with nVidia drivers the supported hardware compatibility checks weren't there at first, people reported creating contexts on Fermi (and other cards IIRC), but no one could do anything with it (I think it reported no supported texture formats or something).


After a few updates they patched in better checks for compatible hardware, thus why it wont work anymore.


They backed out from supporting Vulkan in Fermi GPUs, a while ago just right after Vulkan's official release, so that wont happen. Representative in the forums say something along the lines that the hardware could support it, but the dev time required wasnt worthwhile given its market share at the time (it sounded like BS since GTX560 and GTX570 were one of the most popular GPUs in Steam for example, who knows).


I had a GTX560 Ti, so bought an used GTX680 instead.

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