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Ultimate Barbarian (Brutal 2D Action Roguelike)

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Hello everyone, 


I would like like to present you Ultimate Barbarian ! It is a small Roguelike with a lot of melee fights and blood, where you can behead enemies, grab their weapons and throw them in the face of others coming. You follow a main quest where you have to defeat a tyrannic barbarian king for which you have to prepare yourself. Surviving skirmishes and ambushes in the wild and fighting back invasions of monsters or liberate fallen taverns from invaders. Characters populate the locations you explore and you can do quests for them of follow them in lost dungeons, seeking for treasures.


Here is a small video of gameplay for version 01, the game is currently in 02.


The game is in early access, the general shape is close from final but many features will be added through updates, like quest variety, magical and special items and weapons, random events, better dungeon generation and more graphics.


It is available here, on itch.io and you can test it with a demo :



Hope you'll enjoy it and waiting for feedback !

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Just released the version 03 on itch.io.

There are many features added.

- you can now cross the Lizardmen on the world map. They are dangerous lizards from the jungle, carrying rough but deadly weapons. They will also rush the taverns from time to time, just as the Goblins already do.
- there is a new character screen with the stats of your barbarian that you can improve with points gained through levels. Masters are hidden in some tarverns, they can teach useful fighting techniques.
- an inventory is accessible to store the new items of the game like potions, food, keys and spell scrolls.
- you can thrown spells with scrolls found in dungeons, with powerful magical effects.
- strong magical weapons are kept in chests in dungeons, with devastating melee damage.
- dungeons are now more deadly as you have to progress with torches to light your path.


Here are some gifs of the gameplay :




Hope you'll enjoy ! And waiting for feedback !

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