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[Hobby] Looking for members for Final Fantasy Clone

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I'm a full time dev working in the casino gaming industry (9 years) currently using Unity but I really miss C++ so in my spare time i've been learning and messing around in Unreal Engine 4 for personal enjoyment. Recently I decided I wanted to work on a game to further expand my unreal engine knowledge. I didn't want to come up with a new game but rather try to clone an existing game so all the rules were already established and just try to mimic the same functionality in unreal engine. I settled on cloning Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. Partially because I really enjoyed the game and that all the assets can be found online so the game can easily be replicated in unreal.

I started working on the game in my spar time but realized it will take me a long time to get anywhere meaningful, so i decided I to try and look for like minded

people that want a good learning experience using unreal engine and want to work in a team.


I'm looking for people with C++ knowledge with unreal engine experience as a plus as to reduce ramp up time to actually working on game tasks. The game will mostly be in C++ as I prefer that over working in blueprints but they have their use in presentation side of the game (UI, Menus etc...). Must be English speaking and can document code.


I do have some of the game working already (very basic moving around a town and getting into combat and insta killing enemies).


Engine: Unreal Engine 4.14

Source Control: BitBucket.org

Documents: Google Docs

Product Management: HackNPlay

IDE: Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition

Time Commitment: ~4 hours / week

Tile Map Editor: Tilted (much easier to use than the paper2D option in UE)

Image Editor: Gimp


Note: This project is for educational use only and will not be for sale or general release since the assets are copy-written.


Contact: HobbyGameDeveloper@gmail.com

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