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Libgdx: How to leave the dialog visible?

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    setBtn.addListener(new ClickListener() {
        public void clicked(InputEvent event, float x, float y) {
            final Dialog dialog = new Dialog("Settings", skin, "dialog") {
                public void result(Object obj) {
                    Preferences prefs = Gdx.app.getPreferences("My Preferences");
                    if (obj.equals(2))
                        muteMusic = true;
                    if (obj.equals(3))
                        muteMusic = false;
                    prefs.putBoolean("music", muteMusic);
            dialog.text("Do you want to play music");
            dialog.button("Yes", 2); //sends "true" as the result
            dialog.button("No", 3); //sends "false" as the result
            dialog.button("Ok", false);
  • I want the ok button to be on an another row but if I do `dialog.row()` like with tables, it won't work, I can't add an empty row
  • I want the dialog to stay visible on the screen until the ok button is touched, only then I want to call `dialog.hide()`
I can't do
    if (obj.equals(false))
    dialog.hide(); // IDE will suggest that i create a local variable called dialog

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