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[Steam][PC] VSC (Virtual SlotCars) - As real as it can get! [Demo] & [Kickstarter] imminent.

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Hello everyone, we are Pragames, a 2 man studio based in Prague, and we are delighted to be able to bring your attention our first game, VSC (Virtual SlotCars) – thanks to the GameDev.net forums!


So, looking forward to being part of the community here and hope you are interested in what we offer, either by way of our experiences during development or by VSC itself. Well done on maintaining these forums, we will look into the GDNet+ membership for sure! It is clear the support and atmosphere here breeds creativity, and we hope to draw upon this for inspiration ourselves ourselves. Anyways, thanks for your interest in reading this, and let's get on with our introduction to VSC – choose from three.


VSC Website

VSC Blog

VSC Forums

VSC STEAM GreenLit page

VSC Demo Manual

VSC Press Kit - If you are really curious. :rolleyes:

VSC KickStarter - watch this space!

VSC Demo - watch this space!

Our current "call to action" is to raise awareness of VSC in any way possible to increase our chance of a successful Kickstarter campaign. Please, if you can help, do so by sharing and liking our social media pages and posts, or by striking up a conversation here within the GameDev.net forums. Thank you.

VSC One line overview:

Virtual SlotCars (VSC), a game which will enable you to accurately simulate the real world of Consumer and Pro Slot Car racing.

VSC Brief overview:

Welcome to Virtual SlotCars (VSC), a game which will enable you to accurately simulate the real world of Consumer and Pro Slot Car racing.

VSC provides you a doorway into the sport of slot car racing like never before with an exciting new lease of life in the virtual world. You have full design and control of the cars, tracks, and the racing environment which previously the world champs have only seen.

Take on AI Pro racers or compete amongst friends with custom built cars and tracks offering limitless options. Race at speeds well in excess of 70km/h, in cars tweaked for maximum performance and increase your skill and resources for upgrades.

VSC is currently in a pre-alpha stage of development with a 2017 release scheduled. We look forward to hearing from all of you out there that love Slot Cars as much as we do and want to see this game come to fruition. Stay tuned for our KickStarter Campaign. See you on the track...

VSC Expanded overview:

VSC Website Introduction December 17, 2015

VSC Announcement trailer:



VSC In Game Screens:


Main menu / Garage / Colour picker / Store car parts / Store track parts / Race selection / Race selection buy track parts / Editor 2d place track part / Editor 3d view finished / Default race view get ready


Car camera rear / Car camera front / Celebrate winning or placing / Standings / Unlock new components / Build more tracks / Race at new levels with more lanes / On bigger tracks / Through tunnels / Crash compilation

VSC Tutorial Videos:

Watch this space! :ph34r:

VSC Launch Trailer:


Looking forward to posting in the Indie Projects forum once the demo is all wrapped up - we'll be looking for testers!

Best regards,
Zay  :cool:

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Hi everyone,
we have just published our Virtual SlotCars Gameplay Trailer! We hope you enjoy the video and that it gives you a real feel for the game. It covers almost every aspect of current gameplay in the alpha. We would love feedback on how the game looks and/or the video so please do not hold back, we need as much input as we can get. Also, we have our kickstarter and Steam Early Access goal dates locked in - it is all happening. KS on the 5th May 2017 and STEAM EA on 26th May 2017. Please share with a friend who you think loves slots cars or would enjoy the trailer. Thanks all. Don't forget to like and follow us on FB or Twitter for more news as it comes to hand. Help us spread the word and bring VSC to you!

VSC Gameplay Trailer:


OP updated :)

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