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Simple linedrawing artstyle and 2 frames animation

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Im planning a strategy game similar to mego lo mania (see bottom).

However, Im planning to do all the graphics myself, in a VERY simplistic style.

Line drawing buildings, and nearly stick-figure soldiers. Draw on paper and scan. Probably colored somehow but also very simplistic, like wooden buildings having a tint of brown in them.


Soldiers will be maybe two frames when walking, and two frames for attacking (swinging weapon when close to enemy).

Flip them left/right when facing that direction, and have different drawing for facing up and down (this is similar to animation style of Don't starve).


Kingdom rush has 2-frames walking i think, that style could work:



You think it could work? What games have done this that I can look at?

I've done some drawing before but Im not too good, so it relies on being distinct, rather than "realistic looking".



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There isn't much to discuss, is there? You just posted things other people have created and asked if it could work.


The thread ends up sounding similar to this: https://www.gamedev.net/topic/664726-8-bit-game-but-cartoon-cutscenes/

Not sure why I kept that one in my mind, I guess it's because it's a clear example of "Wow, this person hasn't actually done anything, they're just looking for validation from strangers".


In any case, there's this GDC talk on low-frame animations for a fighting game, but the theory should be relevant to other genres:





------ In fact, watching it again makes me think that 2 frames might be too few for most actions. A swing of a sword, for example, would require at least 3 frames so you can have one for the anticipation, one for the peak (or the "key" as she calls it, which is the sword being swung and causing the smear \ motion trail \ motion blur), and one for the stop pose.

Instead of going from the peak to the idle pose, having this third frame as the stop pose gives you room to convey the feeling of overshoot that she talks about.

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I want to nip it in the bud if the idea was stupid and ask for examples (and I still do!) of where it did work.

I dont see why that's so pointless about the thread?


Anyhow I started trying it out with three frames animations, I look at another example, it's hard for a beginner but might work.

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