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Unity Trouble importing IFC with AssimpNET

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I have 2 issues with importing IFC files using AssimpNET (keep in mind that I am noob in the topic):

(A) I'm trying to import IFC files with AssimpNet 3.3.2. There is an error (attached Image) when I try to import the IFC file.

(B) I have read on forums that AssimpNet 3.0 imports IFC. The issue here is that I cannot link AssimpNet.dll and Assimp64.dll to my c# project on VS 2015. I forked the AssimpNet 3.0 from the Git repository and built the AssimpNet.sln and then placed the resulting dlls to my c3 projects bin/x64 folder where the exe resides.
Anyway, the VS cannot find the Assimp libraries when I try to declare Assimp with "using Assimp".

But, when I tried placing the assimp 3.0 dlls in my Unity project assets folder and called assimp from a c# script in unity, it works and also imports the IFC file.

What am I doing wrong when linking the AssimpNet 3.0 with VS 2015 c# project?

This is my code:

using System;
using System.IO;
using System.Reflection;
using Assimp;
using Assimp.Configs;

namespace Example
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)

String fileName = "F:/rst_basic_sample_project.ifc";

AssimpContext importer = new AssimpContext();

Scene model = importer.ImportFile(fileName);

Console.WriteLine("no. of meshes in the model is: " + model.MeshCount);



Please help and Thanks in Advance ! :)

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