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OpenGL How to use SSBO to send scene data?

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Hello everyone, 


I'm a long time visitor but I'm finally in need to post here. :)


So, I just started to learn OpenGL, with the idea to make a path tracer with Compute Shaders, and then maybe use it as a secondary renderer for my engine (alongside the current DirectX 11 one).


I've already made a simple cornell box with spheres, based on the SmallPT code, but now, I want to go to the next level: display actual meshes, and use an acceleration structure.


From what I've read a bit everywhere on the web, the best (if not the only) way to transfer big amounts of data to the shader in OpenGL is to use SSBO. However, I can't really find proper explanations on

how to use it.


So, my question is: how do I effectively use SSBO to send a big array of triangles to my compute shader ?




Here is the source of my project:


Compute shader is in file compute.comp and most of the OpenGL code is in raytracer.cpp, other classes are from the base project (a basic CPU path tracer that I made before that).

Feel free to suggest improvements, I'm always learning new things :)



PS: Now that I've made my first post, I'd like to thank MVP and L.Spiro for all those posts that helped me in the past  ^_^



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