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Amber Lake: Cabin - Single Player Horror Game (Early Alpha)

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You play as Michael who wakes up from a car crash after what seems to be a wrong turn, you have no idea where you are. Your daughter is missing from the car, could that shadowy figure standing in the window of the nearby building be her?

Proceed to explore the vast environment to find your daughter, enter the house with force if need be. There no cell reception, you're completely on your own to uncover the secrets of Amber Lake in search of your daughter.




I've been working on this project for quite some time now and decided to put up a Kickstarter and I would love any feedback on this project, of course you don't really see too much from just the pictures and the short video footage. And I really don't wanna release much of the gameplay either since I wan't people to explore that for themselves when playing the game. I will of course release a full Trailer when ready.

Please keep in mind that this is a one-person project, truly any feedback is amazing but try to be nice about it wink.png

Thanks a lot in advance!

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