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Passing SDF occluder data to shader from main game class

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Using a Signed Distance Function shader to create 2D shadows, like this one:

What would be the best method to pass the occluders from the actual game to the shader so that the lights know when they're being occluded?

In that shader the occluders are defined like this:

float merge(float d1, float d2)
    return min(d1, d2);

float boxDist(vec2 p, vec2 size)
    vec2 d = abs(p) - size;
    return min(max(d.x, d.y), 0.0) + length(max(d, 0.0));

float sceneDist(vec2 p)
    //First box at position 100, 250 with size 80*80
    float b1 = boxDist(p - vec2(100, 250), vec2(80, 80));

    //Second box at position 200, 250 with size 40*40
    float b2 = boxDist(p - vec2(200, 250), vec2(40, 40);

    //Combine distances
    float m = merge(b1, b2);

    return m;


The SceneDist function is then called to get the distance from light to occluder and to define the box it just needs a position and size, which could be stored as a Vector4 if necessary. 

So they're defined directly in the shader and the distance from the light to occluder is just returned by calling a function. What's a practical and fast way to get occlusion data from the main game into the shader so that the lights behave correctly? I'm working in XNA, C# and shader model 3.0, but a general explanation would be great too. Obviously defining all the occluders in the shader is not a way to go about things.


I'd like it to work on a scale where I could define tiles that occlude light. Maybe I'm approaching this totally wrong?



Any help would be great. Thanks!

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