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Angelic Ice

C++: Merging PNGs and GIFs

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Hello : )


I want to create a process that inserts PNG #2 into PNG #1. Potentially convert a GIF to PNG or convert an animated GIF to a PNG (each frame next to each other).

Are there any slick libraries or ways that would help me handle this?

Additionally, resize PNGs.


Image sizes could go up to 8192x8192 etc. (depends on GPU).

It should be highly cross-platform (Android, Windows, iOS and Linuxs).


Magick++ seems a bit too much, as I do not even need most of the features.


Thanks for your time : )


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Thanks, sadly DevIL is using LPGL - a license that seems to be a bit meh about static compiling. But thanks, I will put it into consideration!


Is it a requirement that your conversion tool use the GPU for some reason?


No : ) Just mentioned "depends on GPU", as the final product will be buffered by the GPU. The creation process must not happen on the GPU at all.

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I'd just use a PNG library and a GIF library to load and save the images.

From there, it's just copying pixels between images (for every row do for every coloumn do destpixel = srcpixel), hardly worth trying to find a library for that.


If you don't mind switching to Python, python + pillow will do the job too. It comes with a wide range of tools and modules (Pillow is a "friendly fork", taking over maintenance and development of PIL), and seems to understand GIFs, PNGs, and animation sequences.

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