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Paul Griffiths

Generate tangents for GL_TRIANGLE_STRIP?

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'm using the following code to produce tangents for GL_TRIANGLES, but how do I do it for GL_TRIANGLE_STRIP? Is it possible? It's for a terrain height mesh. I could do it out of triangles but would be inefficient.

        for (unsigned int i = 0; i<getNumVertices(); i += 3)
		// Shortcuts for vertices
		glm::vec3 & v0 = getVertice(i + 0);
		glm::vec3 & v1 = getVertice(i + 1);
		glm::vec3 & v2 = getVertice(i + 2);

		// Shortcuts for UVs
		glm::vec2 & uv0 = getUV(i + 0);
		glm::vec2 & uv1 = getUV(i + 1);
		glm::vec2 & uv2 = getUV(i + 2);

		// Get normals of the polygon
		glm::vec3 &n0 = getNormal(i + 0);
		glm::vec3 &n1 = getNormal(i + 1);
		glm::vec3 &n2 = getNormal(i + 2);

		glm::vec2 deltaUV1 = uv1 - uv0;
		glm::vec2 deltaUV2 = uv2 - uv0;

		// Edges of the triangle : postion delta
		glm::vec3 deltaPos1 = v1 - v0;
		glm::vec3 deltaPos2 = v2 - v0;

		// Calculate tangent and bitangent
		float r = 1.0f / (deltaUV1.x * deltaUV2.y - deltaUV1.y * deltaUV2.x);
		glm::vec3 tangent = (deltaPos1 * deltaUV2.y - deltaPos2 * deltaUV1.y) * r;
		glm::vec3 bitangent = (deltaPos2 * deltaUV1.x - deltaPos1 * deltaUV2.x) * r;

		// Set the same tangent for all three vertices of the triangle.
		getTangents()->push_back(glm::normalize(tangent - n0 * glm::dot(n0, tangent)));
		getTangents()->push_back(glm::normalize(tangent - n1 * glm::dot(n1, tangent)));
		getTangents()->push_back(glm::normalize(tangent - n2 * glm::dot(n2, tangent)));
		// Same thing for binormals
		getBitangents()->push_back(glm::normalize(bitangent - n0 * glm::dot(n0, bitangent)));
		getBitangents()->push_back(glm::normalize(bitangent - n1 * glm::dot(n1, bitangent)));
		getBitangents()->push_back(glm::normalize(bitangent - n2 * glm::dot(n2, bitangent)));
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EDIT - So they're not depreciated, the search I did showed them as being such, my bad.

Though I still had issues with them being decently slower than regular triangles on more than a couple cards. YMMV.

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Not sure what version of OpenGL you're using but in OpenGL 3.0 triangle strips are deprecated and updating older code a while ago, they had speed issues on a couple cards.  I would just stick with GL_TRIANGLES.


Thanks for the info. Don't want to use deprecated code so ill convert.

The only code in my engine using triangle strip is a sphere which I don't use.

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