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Discipline - Turn-based Tactical Strategy (PC\Android\iOS)

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Discipline is a Turn-based Tactical Strategy (we are currently looking for a UI artist and a composer)


We have been working for 6 months on this project. Right now the multiplayer is being tested.

If anyone wants to participate in testing, contact me via PM or use one of the contacts below. There are Windows, Mac and Android builds.

About the project:

Genre: Turn-based Tactical Strategy

Setting: Dark Fantasy World/Religion

Rating: 16 +

Target audience: Hardcore players ( age 16-35), who like to examine everything carefully and thoroughly in the game in order to perform tasks more effectively.

References of gameplay: HoMM series\Desert Strike (mod for Starcraft 2) \Duelyst\Age of Wonders

Release date: 2Q 2017

Platforms: PC\iOS\Android

Technologies: Unity, socket.io, mongoDB, node.js

Funding: self-funded \ enthusiasm





Animation examples:[spoiler]


A brief description of the gameplay:

We have a combination of such games as Heroes of Might and Magic and Duelyst.

We have a multiplayer, based on one on one PvP, with rating tables, and a single campaign. Those are quite different, when it comes to gaming experience. Now the multiplayer part of the game is being finished. The campaign part has not been started yet.

In the multiplayer before starting to search the game, players should select one of the three races and a unique hero of the chosen race. Then the game finds an equal opponent, according to the skill level of every player. At the beginning of the game there is a preparation phase, during which both players place a hero and units of his race on the field. Each unit costs a certain amount of money; players have the same amount of money at the beginning of the game. Players do not see the location of enemy units during this phase.

After both players have placed units and clicked "ready" button, the main gameplay begins. There is no sequence of players' turns; instead, each unit has its own initiative scale. When it is full, the unit makes a move.

Each unit in addition to the abilities to move and to attack has unique active and passive abilities. In addition to the above-mentioned character abilities, the hero has the ultimate ability and the ability to call new units. All abilities except movement and attack cost some amount of gold.

Player becomes a winner when he/she kills the enemy’s hero.

Short multiplayer statistics:

- 3 races;

- 9 heroes;

- 30 units;

- 87 unique abilities;

Main points of setting\plot:

- The world is inside out, and in its center there is the Luminary. Luminary is a receptacle for souls of the dead; it also gives life to the newborn. Periodically the Black ailment shows, which wipes out entire cities.

- Luminary becomes bigger and brighter when the world population decreases and vice versa.

- The world is called the Firmament.

- The world itself is a kind of Purgatory, which was created by higher forces, who were also involved in the creation of the Earth.

-Most of the world inhabitants don't know about the 'secret' of the Luminary, the connection of the Luminary's brightness and size with the number of living and dead souls. Balance in the world is run by the "Black Cardinal". It is a character that vaguely remembers the life on Earth and each of his rebirths in this world due to some system mistake. He is pulling the strings and controls the most important events taking place in the world through his organization called Ouroboros.

-Ouroboros has renegades, who are confident that when the light of the Luminary goes off, they all will be allowed to reborn in a brighter world, where there will be no more such suffering and grief.


- game designer \ programmer

-  programmer


The team is looking for:

-UI designer (artist for interfaces). For share or on a piecework basis.

-Composer \ sound designer. For share or on a piecework basis.

-Community Manager \ SMM. Volunteering.

You can contact me via:

Skype: teplyanskiypavel

e-mail: shinyonok.mail@gmail.com

P.S. If you want to help and support the project, and you really have the skill and time to do this, but we have no open vacancies for your qualification, we will be happy to consider possible ways of cooperation. Please, contact us.


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