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Scrolling/Making only part of a sprite visible in SDL

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EDIT: I've solved my own problem, please lock/delete, thank you


Hello, I'm hoping to find some help for the UI of my sort of audio manipulation app. I'm using C++ and SDL2 for this project, but this is my first time using SDL.

The audio waveform can be sped up or slowed down, shrinking or enlarging the size of the SDL_Rect the wave form is drawn on accordingly. My problem is that when you slow the audio down the size of the waveform becomes too large to fit on the screen. So, I need some way to create a "window" where you can scroll to see the next and previous sections of the waveform. (By moving the x position of the rect, probably)

I've seen LazyFoo's scrolling tutorial: http://lazyfoo.net/tutorials/SDL/30_scrolling/index.php but I only need certain sections to be scrollable, not the whole screen. I can't keep the waveform stationary and move the rest of the app window because I might need to have two independent scrolling components.

Where the rect of the blue ones can be independently extended to be longer than the screen dimensions.

I've thought a lot about it and read the tutorial and source code but I'm really stumped. Help would be greatly appreciated!

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