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XAudio2 CreateSourceVoice crashing sometimes

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This is probably the worst kind of question one could ask but I am a kind of stuck. I am experimenting with XAudio2 in an attempt to understand the API as I need to integrate some Steam Voice chat code into our game. It is just a simple application that loads and plays some sounds.

The application creates two XAudio2 objects and then loads 2 and "attaches" two sounds to the first one and two to the second one. Dll sounds are played in a loop "simultaneously", sometimes some sounds are "missing" and half of the time on creating the second Source Voice the app crashes.

IXAudio2SourceVoice* XAudio2Engine::GetSourceVoice(WAVEFORMATEX const* format)
    assert(nullptr != m_XAudio2Engine);

    IXAudio2SourceVoice* sourceVoice = nullptr;
    auto hresult = m_XAudio2Engine->CreateSourceVoice(&sourceVoice, format);
    if (FAILED(hresult))
        return nullptr;

    return sourceVoice;

WAVEFORMATEX appears to be intact all the time. 

Here is a copy of the call stack. Do you see any clues what might be wrong?

 	msvcrt.dll!memcpy()	Unknown
 	XAudio2_9.dll!XAudio2WaveHelp::AllocateWaveFormatCopy(struct tWAVEFORMATEX const *)	Unknown
 	XAudio2_9.dll!LEAPCORE::CSWVoice::Initialize(struct tWAVEFORMATEX const *,struct IUnknown *,struct IUnknown *,__int64)	Unknown
 	XAudio2_9.dll!LEAPCORE::CLeapSystem::CreateVoice(struct tWAVEFORMATEX const *,unsigned int,struct IUnknown *,struct IUnknown *,struct ILeapFilter *,__int64,struct ILeapVoiceCallback *,unsigned int,struct ILeapVoice * *)	Unknown
 	XAudio2_9.dll!XAUDIO2::CX2SourceVoice::Initialize(unsigned int,float,struct tWAVEFORMATEX const *,struct XAUDIO2_VOICE_SENDS const *,struct XAUDIO2_EFFECT_CHAIN const *)	Unknown
 	XAudio2_9.dll!XAUDIO2::CX2Engine::CreateSourceVoice(struct IXAudio2SourceVoice * *,struct tWAVEFORMATEX const *,unsigned int,float,struct IXAudio2VoiceCallback *,struct XAUDIO2_VOICE_SENDS const *,struct XAUDIO2_EFFECT_CHAIN const *)	Unknown
>	XAudio2_DualEngine.exe!XAudio2Engine::GetSourceVoice(const tWAVEFORMATEX * format) Line 140	C++
 	XAudio2_DualEngine.exe!PcmSound::Attach(XAudio2Engine & xAudio2Engine) Line 192	C++
 	XAudio2_DualEngine.exe!main(int args, char * * argc) Line 42	C++

I can post a link to the source code but I doubt anyone would be interested.

EDIT: I created a new simpler test sample. I just load the wave file, create, submit and play the sound then I just "chained" several sounds and there is no crash whatsoever. So the crash might be my fault after all.
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Apparently I had to do something like that:

    auto waveFormatExSize = sizeof(WAVEFORMATEX) + m_Wave.GetFormat()->cbSize;
    Format = reinterpret_cast<WAVEFORMATEX*>(new CHAR[waveFormatExSize]);
    ZeroMemory(Format, waveFormatExSize);
    memcpy_s(Format, waveFormatExSize, m_Wave.GetFormat(), waveFormatExSize);

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In case you were wondering: the reason for that is that the WAVEFORMATEX can store extra data after it in memory. This extra data differs depending on what format you're using - eg. if your WAVE data is ADPCM-encoded, then the extra data will have the ADPCM coefficient table that's needed to decode the data. I've found empirically that there are certain WAV formats that XAudio2 cannot handle - particularly ADPCM formats with large compression block sizes.


I seem to recall that the cbSize field on the WAVEFORMATEX structure actually includes the extra data, but I may be misremembering and you should double-check that.

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