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| QUESTION | Puzzle game lovers, what do you look for in a game?

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Good day everyone, I am an aspiring game developer that wishes to get some feedback on what defines as great the puzzle games you love.

If you could leave your opinion by answering any of the following questions it would really be appreciated:

  1. What do you like about puzzle games? What made this genre stand out for you?
  2. What do you HATE about puzzle games? Is there any trend or mechanic you wish that came to an end?
  3. When purchasing new puzzle games, what do you look in them? What are your criteria or how do you look for something to meet your standards?
  4. How often do you buy or play puzzle games? Or what sets the mood for you to go look for something new to play?
  5. Do you prefer premium (paid in advance) or freemium (micro-transaction based) titles?
  6. How often does a new title that meets your standards appear? Why do you think that is the case?
  7. And finally, is there any mood or feeling you think that you look to get into while playing a puzzle game?

Once again, answering any of these questions can surely help a lot, so thank you very much in advance.

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I recently got addicted to a game called Alcazar on Android. The premise is simple, you draw one continuous path inside the player area, pass through every square once, then out the player area. It was very simple to learn but had a good depth of strategy. It was one of the best puzzle games I have played. I would recommend taking a look at it.

1. Easy to learn the basics but it should offer interesting gameplay.
The puzzle should be decomposable meaning you can solve the puzzle in parts. Solving one part gives you clues to solve another part. Think of a Sudoku puzzle. Solving one 3x3 square gives you information to solve another 3x3 square. The parts are interconnected. This lets you work in a part, if you get stuck you look at other pieces.

2. I don't know about trends but for my personal taste I don't like puzzles that mostly take a simple strategy and brute force. I should be experiencing "aha" moments while solving the puzzle.

3. Just a good core puzzle mechanic with enough diversity to not get bland. I don't need fancy visuals, although its hard to market a game that doesn't look good.

4. Not that often. I usually play when I have a few minutes where I need to wait, so I can't commit to long puzzle session.s

5. Paid in advance. Alcazar was free to download but you had to pay a one time price to unlock all the puzzles.

6. Not sure, I don't play much.

7. I like to concentrate and do some deep thinking.

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I assume you are talking about something like Candy Crush, not adventure games?

That is right, I was talking about purely puzzle games, where there is no more content other than the puzzles. But more than Candy Crush, I was hoping for titles like Klocki, Hook, Lyne, and so on.

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