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Artists and Animators needed for a 2D anime-style open world RPG

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Hello my name is Jack and I am the manager of an indie game development team. We are creating a 2D anime-style open world RPG. The game is set in a post-magical apocalypse world where communities of survivors are living at a tribal level among the ruins of a magic-powered empire. We would really like to add two more 2D artists to complete our team! (We already have a character artist, 2 writers/designers, a music and sfx creator, a team of programmers, and me the guy in charge of recruitment and other management tasks.) :)

To clarify, this is NOT pixel art; we are looking for high res anime or manga style art, or a fantasy style would be fine for anything other than characters. Also this is a profit-share project, there is no pay unless we get to the point of selling a game. We are looking for people who are passionate about making games and who enjoy working as part of a team, just like us!

Positions available:
Landscape and Architecture Artist - This is what we need most urgently! Especially if you have any interest in level design of either dungeons or NPC villages.

Monster Artist - Many of the monsters in this game are earth animals with minor fantasy touches, or fantasy creatures such as griffins and sky whales. There are also high level spells which summon totem animals. We are generally looking for colorful monsters that look pretty or awesome, there aren’t really any gross or horror-themed ones.

Character Artist - We have one of these already, but there are a lot of characters in this game, plus combat animations for characters. It would be more fun and easy for two people working together.

Clothing and/or Weapon and/or Item Artist - This is the simplest art task we have available, but it needs to be done just as much as the other tasks.

Animator - Generally, only the characters and monsters will need to be animated. You might provide pose sketches of a character or monster artist or you might produce full animations, depending on what you have the skills to do. We will try to break animation tasks into small, manageable ones, we are not asking you to make a movie. Mainly we will need spell visual effects and transitions between character poses or facial expressions.

If you can do at least one of these, please let us know which one(s) you are interested in and we will look at your art samples. The character style is the type of anime style which has long-legged characters that do not look overly young or have extra-large eyes. Our characters include both humans and kemonomimi (humans who have added animal traits such as ears and tails, or feathered hair, or a few scaled areas on their skin. We have several factions who each have a different style of clothing and architecture. The writers are also open to requests if you have a character or style you would like to see in the game.

To Apply:
If you have any questions or are interested in joining contact me at jackbeauchamp@shaw.ca
-I would like to see some art samples or portfolio to make sure your art style is what we are looking for. Either link to your portfolio or attach samples. Please describe which types of art you want to do for us! If you have any game-specific art experience, describe it.
-If you want to contribute design ideas as well as art or programming, tell us if there’s a particular area of design you are interested in.
- Art-specific questions asked in this thread will be answered by sunandshadow, who is acting as the art coordinator.

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