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Hey there,
My name is Elsket and I am currently starting to make a game and I am looking for people to strengthen the team. But now lets not waste anymore time and go straight into a small summary of the game.
Aincrad is a simple yet hard, small yet very big for the player daring enough to keep on grinding, it's a game wich has MMO, RPG, Tower Defence and Rogue elements with 2.5D Graphics. The goal of the game is quite easy, grind dungeons for mobs, pick up the loot and either sell it to get gold or craft, upgrade or enchant it to gain exp in the the skill and better gear. In essention Aincrad is gonna be a normal MMO RPG but then a pockter version that can be played either on PC, iOS or Android anywhere and for any amount of time while still feeling the progression of a traditional RPG but then at a faster pace.
Looking for.
Currently I am looking for two Developers, there are not that many requirements just that you have good motivation and at least 1 year of experience creating games.You also need to be a proficient speaker of the English language. as for the engine and programming language its up to the developers, I have programming knowledge but not enough to be able to put this together so I will give all freedom to the developers
I am also looking for one or maybe two talented artist one more proficient at pixel art and the other more towards cartoon's for the concept and showcase art. as for the other requirements there is just that you have to be motivated and be a proficient speaker of the English language.
Music Artist:
For the Music artist I am not yet sure what I want, this is the first time I am getting people specifically for the music of the project so I am getting adjusted in the world of game music artist. For now if you want to apply just fill in the form and put some links to old work in there. I will know if you are one of the two people I am looking for.
There are two spots for writers, personally I think that a good story is already 30% of the game since no one wants to play a game with a shit story. Therefore I am looking for people who have at least 1-2 years of experience or people that have hard proof of their writing ability. For the requirements , your English needs to be perfect since the whole game will be in English. You also need to submit a small story or some of your older work so I can make sure you are suited for the type of game this will be.
Ofcource there will be some form of reward included since the goal of this game is to realease to the iOS and Android app store and maybe even to Steam if we can get int he time to port it to PC. Note that this means that there will be no big  payments before the game is released.(additional compensation can be discussed).


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