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[Rev-share] Artist(s) wanted for card game!

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First and foremost, thanks for taking the time to read this posting. The card game in question is one I have been working on for some time and embraces the inherent duplicity that arises when playing such games with a group of friends. As such it does include some adult themes. It is a physical based game with possibility of generating a digital copy depending on how successful we are. I have most of the mechanics, concepts, and drafts of the cards finished, except for the art. That is why I am here.

I am seeking artists of various styles and calibers for a Rev-Share opportunity. I desire to work with multiple artists as that gives the game a more unique cosmetic and keeps it from being stale in a sense.  So what do I offer? To start, if the game does meet its crowd funding goal I would like to start with a small payment to help compensate for past contributions and to help fund the continuation of future card designs. Additionally, I would draw up a contract that would outline two main points. First, you will be guaranteed (X) amount of profits of sales until reaching a specified limit depending on your personal contribution (I.e. (x)% until reaching $30,000.00). Second, any and all art is solely your intellectual property until relinquished for use in the game, and when used in game you will be given due credit.

Besides the payments I am also offering creative freedom on the art style and depiction on several cards. This means you as an artist will have multiple opportunities to create a card design based off nothing but the cards name and your own imagination. I view this as a medium to help express yourself, gain experience, and to even earn revenue if we are successful. 

So what’s next? Well if you are interested feel free to respond to the post or message me directly. Once contacted I will ask you for some art examples and may give you two cards to do a rough sketch of; one of my design and with a creative guideline, the other for you to design as you will. I plan to make a discord channel solely for the project and to soon start the Kickstarter when we have some concrete footings and prototypes. Thanks for reading this and I genuinely can't wait to start working with you talented people. 

P.S. Also feel free to ask me any questions, I am always open for a discussion.

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