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Looking for Collaboration on Video Game Design

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I'm looking for people experienced with any (or ideally all, though willing to consider any) of the following:

* Game Development (the game engine will be UE4)

* 3D Modeling (Blender and OpenSCAD preferred)

* Programming (c++ for UE4, it has some intricacies so it's best if you have UE4 or design experience)

* Audio (I have no musical aptitude so this is a hole for me at the moment, the game won't rely heavily on sounds and I'd mainly be considering this a plus in conjunction with other areas listed above)

Details about the game available after meeting, a quick summary is it will start as a 3D turn based strategy game with a space and science focus.

Professional or hobby experience with scientific processes (thermodynamics, physics [quantum and physical], relativity, electrodynamics, or heavy math experience all pluses.)

The position would be for a stake in the game when it is completed, more bonus points if you want to recycle the bulk of your stake into growing the game after it is generating revenue.

The number of spots available on this aren't fixed, but with myself and one other person working on it thus far I'm not looking to bring in a huge number of people at this stage.

This is still an early stage (automatic world generation in the attached image is about the current extent of the work) so if you have expert experience with programming and/or 3D modeling and are interested it is worth writing for more information and meeting up to discuss the idea.

Must have your own computer suitable for game development (UE4 requires a decent graphics card and ties into Visual Studio 2015 community edition.)


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Hey I'm familiar with blender Modeling, texturing & animating, but I'm not strong in making characters by myself..
hit me up with more info, I also am good with c/c++ but not much UE4 Experience sadly

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