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medieval resources

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Hi, I would like to make an tiny trading game(no graphics, just some data,logic and tables)

need some more ideas of medieval  tier1 resources or jobs

what I got:

tier one






-gatherer:herbal stuff

-fisher(?, just food seems redundant,maybe later)

-peat(?,just burining stuff seems redundant,maybe later)

tier two would be somehing like: wood->planks, or ironore->ironbar, wood->charcoal

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This question seems very vague. Do you want more you mean? Is there a tier 3 also?


Look at games such as:

stronghold series

the settlers 2, 3

banished (especially with frontier mod which adds A LOT of resource chains)

anno 1401

caesar 3


There is many games like this to look at. Try to come up with a level of detail you think suits your game, post it and let us comment on that!

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I suggest you look at historical documentaries or history books. There is plenty of material there, that is not only historically accurate, which makes it realistic and coherent, but also original. Most games and works of fiction use and reuse the same basic things over and over, and those have become extremely unoriginal and boring, in addition to being sometimes wildly inaccurate or straight up unrealistic. There are thousands of different ways to extract resources and craft things, from many different civilizations and ages. Games usually oversimplify those mechanics, you don't need to, take an object and do your research to find how that object was crafted from scratch at the time. You will most likely find a long list of jobs and resources you never heard of that were essential parts of that process. That's the easiest way if you don't want to invent everything all over again.

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