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Final Equinox looking to add more team members

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Looking for team members to join a small indie development team currently consisting of 7 people. Currently working on a game called Final Equinox.

Positions to fill:

3D Modeler

Narrative Designer


Looking for someone with a wide range of skills, who could hopefully contribute to the project in more than one area.

The Game is a turn based space combat sci-fi role playing game with a unique combat system. The main character is a newly appointed star ship admiral whose fleet encounters a new enemy in deep space. The game takes place in a complex world filled with multiple different races, in the midst of political upheaval. Rules and feel of the game hark back to the days of old school role-playing games,where combat is difficult and the game forces players into morally compromising situations.

A lot of game takes place through dialogue and text based interactions, but a big part is the ship to ship encounters. All of our ships are going to be in 3d, with our lead artist John, working on them now. Our website, is currently under construction(We have almost finished building a new website from scratch with our updated concept art and team information).

I have also attached some of the new character concepts our Character Artist has been reworking. Everyone on the team is a huge fan of Role Playing Games. With most of our influences coming from games such as Baulder's Gate or the original Fallout. Everyone on the team is working for profit share.

Check out our website at: https://frozenwastelandentertainment.com/

If interested please email me at kevin.sawall@gmail.com

I have attached new concept images bellow:


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Wow! Read about the Final Equinox universe and races in your website (concept art was amazing, kudos to the artist(s)). Just great!  

Goodluck with FE. Looking forward to play it one day.

                                                                                         - A fellow Sci Fi fan

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Just wanted to let everyone know we have filled the 3D modeler position, but are still looking for another programmer. Thanks to everyone who applied so far.

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