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3d rendering & animation library/framework

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Hey everyone,

I did a lot of java stuff during the last two years and Im tired of the reaaaaaallly poor 3d rendering qualities of your average java framework.

So to make things short, I am looking for a C++ library that does the following:

-Supplies me with a model class. I dont want to connect vertices myself, I just want a function like "loadMyBlenderFileIntoAModel("pathToModel.blend). (Not necessarily blender ofc but i guess you get the idea)

-Manages (at least) skeletal animation. Additional animation types would be welcome but are not necessary. I dont want to write all the vector multiplication stuff myself, I just want to tell the library which animation should be played at which speed/frame.

-Bonus points if compatible with SDL or SFML.

-Hardware Rendering. I dont mind if OpenGL or DirectX, since I really am a windows fanboy.

-Nothing that needs its own IDE, GameLoop or Interface. I really need to have full control over my own custom game loop and I really hate to work in some GUI-Code-Hybrid-IDE, I just want to open Sublime and crunch the code lines. So dont even dare to mention Unity :D


Tried Ogre 3d but it looks pretty abandoned to me and for some unknown reason has a really not-so-good rendering quality. Anything else comes to mind? Would really appreciate your help!

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