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Blast Masters - An adventure through time... and mostly space

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Blast Master Release!!!: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.redrider.blastmasters



Journey through the infinite void with Monty and Terrance, sufficiently twisted individuals out to reclaim the lost family fortune - blasting their way through the pirate infested midas asteroid fields.



What started as a small sequel to my first published game 'Block Rider' turned into something very different. The avoiding obstacles and plenty of explosiveness is still there. But now the are alot more guns, spaceships, space pirates and more advanced functions I had no idea how to implement 6 months ago. So in essence this game forced me to learn an advance, as well as showcase a range of talents I never thought I'd 'put to paper'

The sountrack is all originally scored by a very talented guitarist/artist, and I hope you could give some on the music - an example track can be found here:



All of the assets were created by me apart from ship graphics which were distilled from 'opengameart.org' but as said, the rest was me. (Also the nebula and such were from nasa. Can't really take credit for that)

Currently the game is in open beta so if you want a link to the game follow the link here: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.redrider.blastmasters

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! - I hope to ad more to the game in the future if there is any interest in the game - otherwise I'll move onto other ventures, but for now I just need to test the waters.

I do hope you like what you see, and if you have any comments or critiques please let me know. I maybe sounding needy, but getting honest critiques can be like getting blood out of a stone sometimes.


Lastly I plan on adding this to ios devices if enough interest is gathered. It's st I need $100 to splash on ios store privilege and right now money is tight. So I can only  huge assumptions that this will be a number 1 seller... :D

Find updates regarding the current state of the game and other projects lined up here-



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