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Unity Anyone around know how to use Inform 7?

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Hey there. I'm new here (sorry if this post is in the wrong place or anything like that. I have read the FAQ though)


I am doing an Interactive fiction 'game' in Inform 7. The reason I haven't posted this in game programming is because I ma not sure where it lies, since technically IF isn't a game, I don't think.


I am making this for a college project, and sort of took a risk as we haven't learnt the program before. However I am not the best at any of the areas, as mien is more the creative writing side of it. Seeing Inform 7 and how it was coding and creative writing, I jumped at it. 


However, due to the programs small community, that's even more scarce due to the programs little-to-no use, I am finding it difficult to get help when I am stuck, and the more I ask my lecturer for help the less marks I will get.


As cheesy and corny as it sounds, can anyone here be my "programming buddy" so to speak for the next few months to help me if I get stuck?

Cheers and thanks for reading.

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I've had a play with it -- mostly just experimenting with the language at the moment but I'll have a bash at answering stuff -- I've at least got a handle on how all the structures hang together.

There's a reasonably active place over at http://www.intfiction.org/forum/viewforum.php?f=7

The inform community seem to be generally really nice people and there's a big tradition of helping out -- there's a lot of public domain code to look at and so on.

Bits of advice I would offer; don't get over-ambitious. While you CAN do nifty things in Inform, getting it to happen can sometimes be fiddly and since this is a college project that could suck up a lot of the time you have -- the systems are sometimes a bit counter-intuitive. On the other hand, writing simpler stuff is VERY quick.

Have an idea of where you're going; and in the context of IF, you want to have a sort of "tree" model with branches off the "solution". Obviously using the shovel in the graveyard lets you dig up the skeleton as part of the game solution -- but it helps to have an idea of what should happen in other places as well; it shouldn't just be a boring "no"... maybe it levers up a slab to get into the sewers... and in the gardens, it just leaves piles of earth everywhere...

Do some design up front. It's handy if, for example, every location has a short, snappy, unique name to call it by and you know them all when you come to start typing. You don't necessarily need all the descriptions of the locations, but a diagram of how they connect prevents confusion later.

And I would recommend avoiding conversation systems if you can -- they're one of the aforementioned fiddly things....


Find a revision management system. Inform files do actually work properly in them, and there will be a day (sooner than you think!!) where you'll really really want to go back to this mornings working version of the files.. I personally use Mercurial, "git" is more commonly used these days. And it's the sort of thing that looks good in the report at the end if you can say "the git repo contains XYZ commits totalling ABC lines of code.."

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