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[Free] [Android] Bidoku and Ocho

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Hello, everyone. I've just released two new free-to-play games, on the Google Play Store, Bidoku and Ocho. Let me know what you think.
What is Bidoku?
Bidoku is a binary sudoku game that can generate millions of puzzles with adjustable difficulty. In order to solve a bidoku puzzle, every cell must contain either a zero or a one and follow these rules: 
1. Every row and column must have the same number of zeros and ones.
2. Consecutive trios ("000" and "111") are not allowed vertically or horizontally in the puzzle.
Note: Every row/column has a corresponding inverse pair and duplicates are allowed.
What is Ocho?
Each game has one of 72 possible color arrangements containing two red, two green, two yellow, and two blue shapes (8 Total). 
The key to winning the game is to go all the way to zero by tapping the screen when the shape reaches its corresponding color. 

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