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May I see some of your guy's demo reels? Please :D

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jkuehlin    243

Hello. I would love to get an EPK (or demo reel) put together soon, but don't have enough content at the moment to make a meaningful one. Would anyone be willing to share the portfolio you submit when applying for a freelance sound design project? I'm curious to see how you guys are setting up your demo reels.

...the things I was curious about what is included, how long they are, the diversity of content, if you have an introductory portion etc.


Thanks :D


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nsmadsen    5578

My demo reel is up here:

I split each montage up by mood/genre/style in hopes to give potential clients an easier time finding what audio direction they feel is needed. 

Each montage is 2-3 minutes long. I try not to go much longer because this is only the introduction to me and my work. Leave them wanting more, instead of posting your 45 minute long opus. :P Only post styles/genres that you feel compliment you and your work well. 

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