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Open-Source C# RPG

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Looking to work with other C# developers that love old-school RPGs. If you want to work on your own C# RPG there is room to collaborate. I'm currently using MonoGame but I decoupled the graphics and it would be relatively easy to get it working with Unity.

Code - https://github.com/jburditt/Classic-RPG-Framework

I'm working on a open-source C# classic RPG built using MonoGame. I plan to architect it in a way that I will be able to use it as a framework for building RPGs of all types. Here are some screenshots:






It will have a modular design that will allow other developers / game designers to use their own modules for different aspects of the game e.g. side battle, front battle, action rpg, tactical rpg, etc. I want to start really simple since I don't have a lot of time to work on it ~2 hours per week. I will be working on a very basic rpg to begin with, keeping modular design in mind for later expansion. I have a website and forum for collaborating and sharing ideas.



About Me

I'm a 33 year old software developer with 11 years software development experience. I started programming when I was 13 on QBasic. I live in Vancouver, Canada on the off change anyone lives nearby and wants to code jam.




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You forgot to include GraphicsDevice.Clear(Color.Black); in your draw method, if you do not clean the screen, the image overlap.
The collision is a bit glitch.
Keep going, it look nice!!

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I'm making a lot of progress but it would be way more interesting if others joined in. I've added two more details:

1. There is room for collaboration if you had a different 2D C# RPG in mind.

2. It would be easy to use this with another graphics library e.g. Unity


If anyone wants to jump in, here are some upcoming tasks (I can give read permission on request):


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I took a break for a couple months but now I'M BACK! I'm still looking for programmers to join, PM me if you are interested.

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