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Shift Quantum

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Hi Guys,
This month, we celebrate the 1st year anniversary of our first self-funded game: Epistory. We feel like it’s the right moment to announce our next game, in development, Shift Quantum.

Associated with the puzzle-platformer genre, Shift Quantum takes you through the mental maze of your brain in search of a way out. Who knows what secrets can be found behind cold and logical human thinking?
The Challenges
Shift was originally a Flash game series that has had many versions such as Shift DX and has been ported to iOS, PSP and Nintendo 3DS by Fishing Cactus.

The gameplay revolves around a room that is half black, half white, one of which is solid. When the player shifts, the room flips upside down, and the opposite color becomes solid. The goal is to get keys and reach doors while avoiding spikes and other objects.

One of the many challenges we’ll have to face will be to build an entire game based on 1 single cool mechanic and to take it to an entirely new level while keeping the original spirit intact.
New Art Direction
The original games relied on a very simple black and white style; nothing in color and not even gray. In a nutshell, nothing that could interfere with the comprehension of the level.
Nine years after the first Flash version of the game, we now imagine a Next Gen Shift game that has more to offer visually than its predecessors. The new art direction will enhance the gameplay and create the context for a richer story.
Strong community aspect
One of the strengths of Shift rests on the level editor. We already provided a level editor with Shift DX, but this time, the level editor will be more integrated into the whole experience.
Most of our pre-production phase was dedicated to the editor and not the game itself.We designed it from scratch to provide the best possible user experience of the Editor. Our goal is to allow the community to build levels that will be implemented in the story with the same tools that we use to create the game itself.
A new engine
Even though we created the first prototype in Unity last year to test the basic gameplay mechanics and to help us validate the art direction, we chose to develop the game using Unreal Engine 4.

There are multiple reasons behind this choice:

  • Two members of the team already have a solid experience with this engine. It was not a leap of faith into the unknown. After the pre-production phase, it was clear to us that we can develop the complete game using this engine.
  • We are a very diverse studio. We don’t like to focus primarily on 1 technology for example. It’s not because we have developed multiple games of various sizes with Unity or our proprietary engine, that we don’t have a look at other possibilities. Shift Quantum was the perfect opportunity to expand our knowledge and our experience.
  • Because we plan to release the game on several platforms, being able to use an editor that is used by many companies to build AAA games is a real plus. This way we can also benefit from a state of the art animation system, a great material editor, and all the other built-in tools which help us save a lot of time.
  • After almost three months of development, we are more than certain that going for UE4 was a great choice. We have the same velocity as with our games developed using Unity. Moreover, using a codebase which has been used and proofed over the past two decades makes us to more confident in the success of this game in the long run.

Thank you for reading!
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