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Mark Warby

In Need of a 3D Artist for Sci Fi Endless Runner Style Game

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In the not so distant future mankind has colonised the stars, a station in the Praxia System has been under threat and in the last few hours finally fallen. The order was given to evacuate and you are the last remaining security officer. That's the whole concept simple right?

So a huge portion of the main game is built, it is running and works, from a technical stand point we have programming mostly in hand. The game is built with Unity 5, and uses procedural generation to generate levels. The issue is we are now reaching a stage where we are needing art and our single lone artist is a little busy with real life which makes moving this project a little bit stuck.

Art will be 3D but not crazy realistic, we are going to need station sections, and various pieces that will make each level look and feel different, experience with Unity is kind of a must at this point.

We also will require the HUD to built as well we are going for the diegetic approach so everything will look and feel as if it part of the game. 


This is how the game looks at this point, though we have made a few more adjustments to game play overall. The concept is very simple you have 90 seconds to clear the level, a single 15 shot clip of ammo. Enemies are over the level and you can't kill everything. At this stage this is the best and most information I can give to people. 

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Could you please give a bit more detail on what sort of things you want?

- What sort of graphics do you want? Clean/Cartoon looking like ex: Clustertruck or More realistic?

- What sort of things would i do? Props, Levels, Enemies etc...

- What will happen with the game when it's finished? Will it be for mobile or PC etc...

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