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c#/c++ developer

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Hello All,

I am a cross platform C#/C++ developer looking for a project to work on. I have experience working with Unity, Unreal, and other open source frameworks such as SDL. I am cool working on something for fun, money, or experimental purposes as long as I can credit it on my resume. I have experience working as admin for linux servers, and can help out with all the back end and networking. I use visual studio for windows dev environment and vim for my linux dev. I am comfortable with sql databases as well as the nosql databases such as mongodb. Thanks for taking the time to read. You may contact me at



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If you're looking for Desktop/PC game development and have previous experience with managed languages, perhaps you'd be interested in StarDrive - BlackBox, a real-time 4X game? The game is written in C#/XNA and is a continued development of the original game, so it's strictly a hobby project. It's a game with a ton of potential and a codebase that needs a lot of love.

We are currently in the progress of refactoring and adding new combat features along with a general storyline. There's a lot to do and improve, so it's a project where you can definitely contribute easily.
Here's the link to our Bitbucket page:
Here's our Discord dev chat:
And here's an example of current (refactored) code: sd-blackbox/Gameplay/SpatialManager.cs

If you're interested, join us in our Discord chat!    :)


StarDrive BlackBox Team


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I'm a 2D artist with experience from drawing/painting concept art and loading screen images for various game projects ("Dawn" and a Sci-fi game), preferably drawing fantasy themes

Not much time, so only available for just-for-fun, long-time, no-deadline projects. If you'd still be interested in me joining the gamedev process, let me know :)

Example of work and a Skyrim-study I'm doing:



Best regards :)

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