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Project Battlespace

The Next Gen Card Strategy game

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Greetings Humans, and welcome to this thread!

I'm the Lead game designer of a development team based in Sweden. We are currently working on a Card Strategy game called "Battlespace" that we think will blow players's socks off! You can read more about the game on our Patreon page:

Obviously we are looking to build a Community around this project. It will be the community itself that will forge the development of this game by polls and other important inputs. We are looking for your support, pledge fealty to Project Battlespace <3.

Thank you for your time. You are the Force and the Force is with Us!

Proof of Concept. We're trying to get a feel of what Atmosphere to proceed with. A stylized texture is the way to go huh? t52a9x.png

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Hello Simon!

We're pretty early in development so we haven't been looking for a composer yet. 

However, it would be really good if we could start find the tunes for this game as early as possible. If you feel inspired to create the theme for Battlespace we can speak further on mail, 


Per Melin

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