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We are looking for a friendly, upbeat and professional video game development team, who can help us create our team based fps for the PC

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Welcome to Team Dragons Talon,


We are looking for a friendly, upbeat and professional video game development team, who can help us create our team based first person shooter game for the PC. 



What we need:


Project Manager / Producer (Games) 


* Ensuring the successful delivery of a game, on time and within budget

* Overseeing all aspects of a game’s development and delivery

(link removed)



Lead Programmer (Games)


* Leading the programming team responsible for creating all the computer code which runs and controls a game

* Producing the technical specification of the game and managing the overall code development process

(link removed)



Game Programmer(s)


*Designing and writing the computer code that runs and controls a game

(link removed)


QA Tester


*Testing, tuning and debugging a game and suggesting refinements that ensure its quality and playability 

*Assuring quality in a game and finding all its flaws before it goes public

(link removed)



Audio Engineer


*Creating the soundtrack for a game, including music, sound effects, character voices, spoken instructions and ambient effects

(link removed)


Once work is finished, we'll create a kickstarter campaign to pay everyone and to help get this game get on steam.


Thank you! 

-Valentino and Theresa

(Game Designers)

We are looking for a friendly, upbeat and professional video game development team

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i would be interested, in programming with c# however i would not like to be a lead programmer just a game one because i am fairly new please contact me:


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hey i was wandering if you could consider joining my team, we are making an third person shooter and it would good if you could join us my discord:afamgamerhd

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Valentino, Theresa, and TeamDragonsTalon,

Why hello there! My name is Chris Spencer, and I contacting you, probably most obviously, about your FPS game you looking to design. It sounds like loads of fun, and want to hear more about it.

I am a sound engineer. I have been in music for 26 years. I started playing drums at 4 years old, piano at 11. I have played in musical bands, of almost every type. I played for a heavy metal band from Charlestown NH, called Animus, I played with a Jazz group in Atlanta Georgia with Vinnie Torquato and Matty Fields. I also played for a country music singer, alongside my brother Kyle (bassist) from Shadydale Georgia, his name was Rusty Wright, and these are just a few.

I began sound engineering at a very young age, with a Drum Machine/Music program called Acoustica Beatcraft. It first began to develop my "computer music" skills if you will.

At 18 I joined the United States Army, (for college money ;P) as a Signals Intelligence Analyst. I was introduced to the raw basics of audio signal and signal chain here, as well as some other useful tools. It was here though that I first started to work with waveforms, and raw audio files, and began my skills in audio restoration.

After the Army I attended the Art Institute for Atlanta, for Audio Production and Sound Engineering. It was here that I really began and opened my skillsets for Video Game Sound Design, and Music Composition, and began to work in AAA studios, like Def Jam Island Atlanta.

I earned experience in a multitude of different Digital Audio Workstations like Pro Tools, CuBase, Reason, and Ableton Live, before settling into my personal favorite, and main go to DAW, that of Logic Pro X.

Since then I have spent the last 10 years Creating music for artists of all kinds, Hip Hop, R&B, or Pop. I began my own ventures as a Dubstep and Electronica DJ named Guardeon, where I created my own music and performed that at places all over Atlanta.

I have been a sound engineer for multiple different gaming Teams and Studios, and I am currently working with Team Taur Gaming on a 2d shooter called NoNametag. I am the Lead Sound Designer, for all their effects and Lead Musical Composer for their soundtrack.


I have over 15 years experience in Digital Audio, and over 20 in live sound and recording. With my experience, I believe I can assist your team in developing the exact sound and feeling for you game. I am disciplined, well trained in my craft, and experienced with meeting Deadlines, working with other Sound Designers, as well as working with Programmers and Visual artist to achieve the over all desired final project.

If you would like to talk with me, or would like some more info, feel free to contact me, my email is chrisspencersound@gmail.com. Id be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Sincerely Yours,

Chris Spencer

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