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[Vote on Greenlight] NEO Impossible Bosses - A RTS-MOBA RaidBoss Rush game!

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Hi all,

This is a post that NEO Impossible Bosses is on Steam Greenlight! If you've always wanted to take on MMO-styled bosses but feared that the leveling grind will take too long, this game will be your kind of game! Utilize a number of heroes to defeat the impossible bosses and achieve the title of World First!




X heroes versus 1 boss on his home turf


Count Winkus unleashes his ultimate, Lightning destruction! Our heroes have to activate their shields to not take damage.



Too many heroes to control? Pause and issue new orders when things get tough, or share the burden of controlling multiple heroes by playing with others online.

Thanks again, and please vote for the game to be on greenlight!

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